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Become a DevOps engineer in six months with no I.T Background

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What is DevOps ?

DevOps is a methodology used for delivering software quickly, reliably and, continuously. As a DevOps, you will need a variety of skills such as networking, cloud computing, Infrastructure as Code and a host of others. Our training is well-designed to equip you with these skills.

How long is the training at Insight Tech?

Our program consists of 5 months intense classes and 1 month of bootcamp that includes projects.

Why is DevOps always in demand?

DevOps is a methodology that allows software to delivered quickly and continuously. Companies have understood that DevOps can help them to save time and money while delivering the best software and without compromising its quality.

Why do we need to learn DevOps now?

Today’s world is flooded with software. The use of software has become a household necessity. Whether is it using social media software or online retail apps, we all become dependent in one way or the other. Studying DevOps is understanding how these software/apps are delivered to customers. Behind every app is a rough code. Putting this code in a consumable format is one of the responsibilities of DevOps Engineers.

Why should you join our program?

Joining Insight Tech will mark the beginning of an amazing journey. We invest in you as a person and not a student. We pride ourselves in seeing to the finish line. Our trainers are experienced and patient professionals who know exactly the skills you need to be successful and you will learn just those.

Will DevOps be replaced in the future ?

They are well over 120,000 job openings for DevOps engineers on LinkedIn alone right now. Companies are still transitioning to using the DevOps methodology and the demand. The demand has just begun rising. DevOps is here to stay. DevOps is expected to become the field with the most demand in the years ahead.

As a DevOps engineer, what are the day to day activities?

Working for companies that develop and deliver software, DevOps engineers are the guys who make sure the “bulbs never go off”. This analogy helps to explain the role of DevOps in the developing and delivering of software. Their activities range from automating tasks, implementing software development best practices, managing permissions, infrastructure, to configuring the network.

I don’t have a degree, can I get a DevOps job?

Engineering jobs are all about acquiring competence. Competence is what companies need and not certificates. Having a degree is good but your hard work can take you to the level of those with degrees in computer science. Our program focusses on making you skillful and competitive for jobs.

What is the average package candidates get after completing the course ?

Depending on your location, you can make up to 165,000/year. On average, DevOps engineers make between 118,000 to 165,000/year.


Become a DevOps Engineer in six months with no I.T background. Register today and become a six-figure earner working from HOME as a DevOps Engineer. Find out more information at DevOps Engineering Master Class

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